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Welcome, beautiful soul, to Blacqueladi Styles – your haven of Afrocentric BoHo fashion that empowers and heals. Our Afrocentric-BoHo style accessories are more than just fashion; they're a path to self-discovery and healing. Join our tribe of spiritual Queen-Sistahs; you'll unlock a world of style and a supportive sisterhood that'll lift you up as you navigate your journey to empowerment.

Get ready to embrace your unique journey towards authenticity and healing. Let's start this amazing adventure together!"


Welcome Queen-Sisters

Embarking on life's journey can often feel like a daunting and solitary path to traverse. But here's the exciting truth – you're not alone! Join our extraordinary community of Positive Affirmation Queens, a village where we uplift, encourage, and ignite the flames of inspiration within each other.
Within our kingdom, we offer a treasure trove of tools to aid you on your quest for a healthier, happier you. Our collection includes an array of enchanting journals and engaging coloring/activity books, all designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery through the art of journaling.
And what's more, our arsenal of empowerment extends to the realm of fashion. Elevate your style and spirit with our positive affirmation tote bags and accessories, each carefully crafted to spark your inner radiance.
For those culturally awakened Queens among us, our Afrocentric Bohemian-style affirmation jewelry will not only adorn your body but also resonate with the essence of your roots.
Consider this your exclusive invitation, a sacred key to unlocking your true potential and taking the next exhilarating leap in your journey to authenticity. This is your secret weapon, empowering you to reach new heights and live your best life.
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Join us today, and let's reign together on this magnificent voyage toward self-discovery and empowerment.
Your kingdom of positive affirmations awaits!

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    Andrea C. Verified purchase

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    10/4/2020I’m definitely in love with not only the earrings but this company! I love a big earring. Go big or go home.

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    Lashonda W.Verified purchaseThis review was collected from a verified customer who purchased this item.Learn more

    9/6/2020 These were designed for my Affirmation Collection. My clients absolutely love them💜

  • Review

    Brenda B.Verified purchaseThis review was collected from a verified customer who purchased this item.Learn more

    7/28/2020I am in love with my earrings. The customer service was impeccable and I was even given a gift with my purchase. I will definitely be buying again!!

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