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Suffering silently from depression and anxiety I was left feeling helpless with the poor results. I was tired of prescription drugs and expensive therapy sessions. 

I prayed for the strength to make the lifestyle changes needed to find my authentic self. I prayed for holistic methods I could use as I embarked on my journey to a better me. Journaling and crafting saved my life.

 I intertwine positive affirmations and Adinkra symbols of wisdom into my handcrafted earrings, accessories -bags, purses, and journals. The affirmation and Adinkra signs help to keep me inspired and grounded.

 I invite you to Journal your way to a better you.

I invite you to shop our positive affirmation accessories.  

I invite you to become inspired and uplifted with products from BlacqueLadi Styles.

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 Peace, Love, & Laughter

Lula J.


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