About Us

Life is all about you getting your mind right, living your best life, and getting the most happiness out of every day possible.

We all have a one-way ticket, Queen-Sistah, so why not enjoy the trip!

Take a moment and browse our store. We thrive on offering you Feel Good products, products that uplift your spirits while adding peace and joy to your life.

 Our mission is to provide you with the tools to help you find your authentic self, thereby improving your quality of life.

  Journal Collections:

Journal your way to a better life. We offer a variety of journals and    coloring/activity books to help you journal your way to a healthier you.

 Journaling allows you to get those negative feelings and emotions out of your head. 

  • Writing it down effectively releases the power the occurrence has over you.
  • Journaling is an effective method to release stress.

Browse our jewelry collection of Afrocentric Bohemian statements earrings. 

 Adinkra symbols of West Africa provide you with a spiritual connection to the wisdom of our ancestors.  

Shop Plant-Based Hair Products for Natural hair. 

  • Our plant-based products make your natural hair manageable and soft, allowing you to rock every natural hairstyle of your choice.
  • The Plant-based product line of shampoo and conditioner will help stimulate growth and healthy, vibrant hair. Our products are made fresh with no preservatives. 

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 Peace, Love, & Laughter

Lula J.